Within the framework of the charity project “United for the sake of victory”, the participant of which is the Kyiv cable factory “EUROPAN”, the first stage of the construction of a 3D building in the city of Irpin was completed. For this innovative project for the Ukrainian construction market, the company provided cable and conductor products of Kyiv Cable Plant “EUROPAN”, which fully meet modern standards and requirements for cable and conductor products and can be used in 3D construction.

This 3D project of a residential building for the family of a fallen soldier was equipped with cable products to ensure connection to the centralized power grid, as well as for the distribution of electrical lines for the functioning of electricity in the room in general. The package also includes all the necessary electrical accessories: switches, sockets, voltage relays and overvoltage limiters, panel equipment, cable and wire laying systems, as well as lightning protection.

To familiarize yourself with the cable and conductor products, go to the link https://europan.ua/produkciya/

In order to ensure safe and efficient operation of the building, cable and conductor products used in 3D construction must meet the following requirements:

Compliance with safety standards: The product must comply with national and international safety standards and electrical regulations. This is important to prevent fires and accidents in the building.

Resistance to external factors: Cables and conductors must be resistant to environmental influences, including moisture, temperature changes and chemical reagents.

Flexibility and ease of installation: For convenient use in construction, 3D cables must be flexible and easy to install, especially in environments where complex electrical networks need to be created.

Compliance with automation system needs: Many 3D buildings use automation systems and “smart home”. Therefore, cables must ensure the functionality of such systems and provide data transmission and control.

High quality conductors: Cables and conductors must have high conductivity and efficient power transmission, as 3D buildings can be equipped with various modern electrical devices and systems.

The production of the “EUROPAN” plant fully meets all the specified requirements and standards and is already used in the first 3D house in Ukraine.
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We make every effort to ensure that our products meet the latest construction technologies.