Flexible power cables are a separate type of power cable designed for non-stationary installation. They are used to connect mobile machines and mechanisms, as well as other non-stationary devices to electrical networks and mobile sources of electrical energy. Most often they are used in construction to connect mobile equipment, in particular, welding machines, concrete mixers, cranes, telphers and powerful tools. They are used to equip airport lighting systems, connect medical, industrial and commercial vehicles. Highly flexible power cables are used in automated machines, robotics, machine tools.

Flexible cables are also often used in private households for powering household portable power tools. They can be used in fresh water for connecting pumps, as well as a flexible hose for electric stoves. Resistant to ultraviolet rays, high and low temperatures, flexible cables are suitable for installation in dry, damp and unheated rooms and are equally well used indoors and outdoors.

At the same time, they are not at all adapted for stationary laying, since they do not withstand mechanical loads even from an insignificant weight of the soil in the case of laying in the ground and tensile loads when installing through the air. Like a conventional power cable, flexible cables are made up of three main elements: conductors, insulation and a protective sheath.

At the same time, the current-carrying conductors of flexible cables are always copper, multi-wire, twisted from a large number of thin wires, which provides them with a high 5th class of flexibility. The conductors are insulated, color coded or numerically coded. The insulation and sheathing of such cables withstands abrasion and re-bending forces up to 30,000 times.

All this makes it possible to operate the cable in conditions of significant and multiple bends through a system of rollers under current load, as well as to carry out installation with a bend radius of at least 8 external cable diameters. Cable plant “Europan” produces flexible power cables with insulation and sheath made of thermoplastic elastomer or PVC compound (KGTP, KGNV), as well as their varieties that do not support combustion and multi-core modifications (KGNV-M), adapted for use with any mobile devices indoors and outdoors for connecting mobile devices to the mains or a mobile power source. Our cable products are durable, reliable, resistant to high and low temperatures and sunlight.

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