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EUROPAN Plant, a manufacturer of cable and wire products, is located in the heart of Ukraine, the city of Kyiv. Convenient location allows quick delivery of products to any point in Ukraine.

EUROPAN Cable Plant is relatively young, it was founded in 2014. However, in a fairly short period, the production capabilities of the plant reached a decent standard, which allowed us to become a supplier of cable and wire products for the largest facilities in the country.

The dynamic and rapid growth of the plant made it possible to master the systemic production of a wide range of products for various purposes: power cable, cable and wire for overhead power lines, control cable, installation wires and cords.

About usAbout us

Taking into account the needs of the Customer, the Plant’s management implemented the constant strict quality control of the products. Therefore, all cable and wire products of EUROPAN Plant under the “TM EUROPAN CABLE”  have undergone voluntary certification in the state certification authorities. This is evidenced by the state-recognized certificates of conformity, which prove the compliance of the products with the requirements of legislation and technical documentation (GOST, DSTU). Strict quality control of manufactured products caused the introduction of an integrated management system based on international ISO standards. The quality control of the manufactured cable and wire products is carried out buy its own accredited laboratory, which tests 100% of the manufactured products for compliance with the declared characteristics, which is confirmed by the preliminary test record.

European high-tech equipment allows our company both manufacture products at reasonable shortest time and observe quality requirements.

About usAbout us

It should be noted that in production we use only virgin materials as raw materials, such as copper and aluminum rods, cable compounds and polyethylene. This allowed to achieve the highest possible productivity in compliance with all the requirements of the technological process, which, of course, has a positive effect on the quality of the products.

About usAbout us
The team of EUROPAN Cable Plant consists of highly qualified professionals who are capable of any production task. That is why our plant never stops there and always tries to introduce consumers-driven innovations into the production process. These are new types of products, convenient packaging and a meter mark on the manufactured products with an indication of the trade mark and lable size.

About us

Our goal is to provide the widest possible range of consumers with high-quality and safe cable and wire products. In this regard, our management decided to insure all products manufactured by the plant, which provides our customers with additional guarantees of quality and reliability.

In terms of production growth rates, the enterprise is significantly ahead of the industry average. For several years, EUROPAN has been a leader in the supply of products to Ukrainian facilities, and has also repeatedly delivered products to the CIS countries and the European Union. The products of EUROPAN Plant  provide European quality at an affordable price. In addition, the management and employees of the plant are actively involved in the social life of the city, they participate in cultural events, contribute to the sports development, support veterans and provide sponsorship.

Kiev, 04080, st. Kirillovskaya, 86
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