Technical Conditions U 27.3-39543889-005:2019; The National Standards of Ukraine IEC 60502-1:2009
  • VPV is a wire with copper conductors, polyethylene insulation, PVC sheath.
  • It is used to distribute energy at a rated alternating voltage of 660 V with a frequency of 50 Hz for operation in a fixed position during long-term operation of submersible electric motors in the water of artesian wells under a pressure of 7.09*106
  • It is used to connect devices that are located in the water (for example, submersible pumps in wells). The pressure that the wire can withstand allows it to be used not only in wells, but also in artesian wells, which have a depth of more than 30 m. It can also be used in mines to pump out water from flooded longwalls.
  • VPV wire (sheath made of PVC compound) differs from VPP wire (sheath made of light-stabilized polyethylene) in that it is less resistant to salt sea water, but more resistant to light.
Minimum service life is 6 years
Guaranteed service life is 2 years
Minimum bending radius 10 x outer diameter
Temperature range installation: not below -15°С
operation: from -40°С tо +50°С
Interpretation of wire VPV

The copper conductor is not indicated on the marking;

V – submersible;

P – polyethylene insulation;

V – PVC compound sheath.

Conductors: copper multi-wire (class 2 of the National Standards of Ukraine EN 60228)
Insulation: polyethylene, PVC compound sheath
Armor: no
Number of conductors Nominal cross-section area of the conductors, mm2
1 1,5 - 70
Fire safety
  • The National Standards of Ukraine 4809:2007
Detailed description

VPV is a wire with copper conductors, polyethylene insulation and a PVC sheath. It belongs to the so-called submersible wires. Such wires are sufficient in water, resistant to mechanical damage and increased working pressure. VPV serves to connect electrical equipment in water and has excellent water-blocking characteristics.

Application scope

Water submersible wire VPV is used to distribute electricity at a rated alternating voltage of 660 V and a frequency of 50 Hz. It is intended only for fixed installation and is used to operate pumps for wells. It is designed for long-term operation under water: in artesian wells with a depth of more than 30 m under a pressure of 7.09*106 Pa, wells, rivers, pools, as well as in mines for pumping water from flooded longwalls.

VPV can also be used to connect drainage mechanisms and drilling equipment. However, it is not used in movable underwater engines of artesian wells.

The wire is characterized by high strength of the insulating material, it is able to withstand the adverse effects of water. It is also flexible, frost-resistant, and absolutely waterproof.


VPV is a solid wire. At the heart of its design is a conductor stranded from copper wire of the 2nd flexibility class (class 2 of the National Standards of Ukraine EN 60288). The cross-section of the conductor varies from 1.5 to 70 mm2. The conductor insulation is made of polyethylene, and the sheath is made of PVC compound.

Structurally, the VPV is very similar to another  submersible wire VPP. And the main difference between them is the sheath material. Strong PVC sheath makes VPV more rigid. Such wires are considered more reliable, but at the same time they can be used at temperatures not exceeding +50°С, while VPP can withstand up to +80°С.


 The operating temperature of VPV ranges from -40°С to +50°С. The installation without preheating of the wire is allowed at a temperature not lower than -15°С.

The bend radius of VPV during installation is at least 10 outer wire diameters.

Long-term permissible conductor heating temperature during operation is +70°С.

The wire will serve for a long time and reliably provided the above parameters are complied. It will serve at least 6 years from the date of manufacture and depends on the working conditions. For example, at a high temperature, the resource of the wire is reduced and this must be taken into account using VPV. The guaranteed service life of the wire is 2 years.

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Nomenclature and mass-dimensional characteristics

Select rated voltage, kV

Nominal cross-section of the conductor, mm2

Outer diameter, mm

Estimated weight of 1 km of wire, kg
1,5 5,4 42
2,5 6,0 57
4,0 6,6 74
6,0 7,1 95
10 9,1 160
16 10,0 220
25 11,7 323
35 12,9 423
50 14,8 573
70 16,4 761
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