Standart: HD 603 S1: 1994/A3:2007, EN 60332-1-2:2004/A:2015
  • YAKY, YNAKY are power cables with aluminum conductors, polyvinylchloride insulation and sheath.
  • They are intended for the transfer of the electric power in the stationary installations for a rated alternating voltage of 660 V and 1000 V with a frequency of 50 Hz.
  • They are applied at the laying in blocks, on the specialized cable tray systems, in industrial rooms, distributive and lighting devices, and also in the usual inhabited rooms as the electric wiring. Moreover, they are widely used in dacha projects.
  • It is not recommended to lay the cable in the ground, laying in the ground is allowed only with the use of mechanical protection.
Minimum service life is 30 years
Guaranteed service life is 5 years
Minimum bending radius solid cable: 10 х outer diameter
multi conductor cable: 7.5 х outer diameter
Temperature range installation: not below -15°С
operation: -50°С to +50°С
Conductors: aluminum solid and multi wire of the 1st or 2d flexibility class (class 1 and 2 DSTU EN 60228)
Insulation: polyvinylchloride compound
Armor: no
Rated voltage, kV
0,66 1
Number of conductors Nominal cross-section area of the key conductors, mm2
1 2,5 — 50 2,5 — 1000
2, 3, 4 2,5 — 50 2,5 — 300
5 2,5 — 50 2,5 — 240
Detailed description

YAKY is a power cable with the aluminum conductors, PVC insulation and sheath. It is designed for transportation and distribution of the electricity in the stationary installations for a rated alternating voltage of 660 V and 1000 V with a frequency of 50 Hz.

Applicability scope

YAKY cable is one of the most well-known types of conductor. It is used for stationary single laying indoors and outdoors. YAKY is an analogue of YKY cable, while its cost is several times less than that of a copper cable with the same parameters. This makes YAKY especially popular when laying long-distance lines. And due to its light weight, YAKY can be used for the installation of electrical lines on various supports and structures.

The favorable combination of the low price and the good quality made this cable popular in the construction of residential premises, industrial facilities and the development of summer cottages. It is used for laying in blocks, on specialized cable tray systems, bridges, high mountain areas, in distribution and lighting devices, industrial premises, rooms with high humidity and fire hazard, in collectors and mines. The laying in the ground is allowed in shallow trenches using protective equipment, provided that there are no intensive mechanical loads in the form of passing vehicles and damage by the construction tools or the equipment for working on the ground.


The design of YAKY is based on aluminum solid and multi wire conductors of 1st or 2d flexibility class (class 1 and 2 DSTU EN 60288). This flexibility does not allow for the use of this brand of cable in carrying and temporary wiring, which are subject to frequent bends, as this can damage or break the conductor. The conductors are covered with PVC compound and are stranded into a core in the multi conductor cables. For safety and ease of installation, the conductor insulation is color- or numerically marked. The overall coating is also made of PVC compound.

There are varieties of YAKY, which are used in places with increased requirements in the sphere of fire safety and for the group laying. These cables are marked with «N». YNAKY is made in a sheath made of PVC-compound of low flammability, and YNAKY is in a sheath that does not support combustion with reduced smoke and gas emission during a fire.

EUROPAN LLC website presents cables YAKY, YNAKY with a number of conductors from 1 to 5 with a cross-section from 2.5 to 1000 mm2. This allows you to select a conductor taking into account its operating conditions and the load power. The cable labeling shows the number of conductors and the cross-section.

You can get more detailed information on the technical characteristics of the cable from the specialists of EUROPAN LLC applying by the phones indicated on the website.


The operating temperature of  YAKY, YNAKY ranges from -50 °C to + 50 °C. The permissible air humidity is 98% at a temperature of + 35 °С. Cable installation without preheating is allowed at temperatures down to -15 °C.

The bend radius during the installation for the multi conductor cables is at least 7.5 and for the solid cables – at least 10 outer diameters of the cable.

The long-term permissible temperature of heating of the conductors during operation is 70 °C, the maximum permissible temperature at short-circuit currents is 160 °C. The permissible heating of the conductors in an emergency mode is no more than 80 °С for 8 hours a day.

The service life of the cable reaches 30 years, the guaranteed service life is 5 years.

EUROPAN LLC website presents high quality cables YAKY, YNAKY from a reliable domestic manufacturer. All products are certified according to the legislation of Ukraine. You can familiarize with the product range, select and buy cables of this brand at the wholesale prices on the company’s website or by contacting the sales department. Our managers will help you to gain insight on the variety of label sizes and select a conductor of the required cross-section, taking into account the needs and the load power.

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Permissible short circuit currents of cables

Nominal conductor cross-section, mm²

Permissible current of one-second short circuit of cables, kA

Nominal conductor cross-section, mm²

Permissible current of one-second short circuit of cables, kA

2,5 0,18 120 8,66
4,0 0,29 150 10,64
6,0 0,42 185 13,37
10 0,70 240 17,54
16 1,13 300 21,90
25 1,81 400 26,00
35 2,50 500 32,50
50 3,38 625 40,95
70 4,95 800 52,00
95 6,86 1000 65,00
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