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Kyiv cable factory “EUROPAN” has been supplying high-quality cable and conductor products for various industries, including construction, energy, transport, telecommunications and others, for about ten years. During this period, the plant has established itself as a reliable manufacturer of cable and wire products that meet the highest quality standards.

Kyiv cable factory “EUROPAN” has a wide range of cable and conductor products:

Your reliable manufacturer of cable and conductor products LLC "Europan" on!Power cables of low, medium and high voltage: Used for laying power transmission lines, installation of electrical wiring in premises, power supply of industrial equipment. (VVG; AVVG)

Power flexible cables: Used to control the parameters of electrical equipment and its power supply. (KGTP and KGNV)

Cables for communication: (symmetrical, coaxial, telephone, telephone distribution); Transmit signals and information. (TRP, TRV, PRPPM)

Radio frequency and optical cables: serve to transport various signals, pulses and digital information.

Control cables: Allows you to remotely control the operation of electrical installations.

Installation wires: They are used for the distribution of electricity, laying fixed electrical wiring. (APV and various variants of execution of PVA)

Mounting wires: Most often used to transmit current in the middle of electrical appliances.

Insulated and non-insulated wires: They are used to transmit electrical energy using overhead power lines. (A, AC, SIP-3, AAsXS, AAsXSn, SIP-5, SIP-5ng, AsXS, AsXSn)

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+38 (097) 531-96-45 (Telegram, Viber)

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