Now “PanKarat” officially sells cable and conductor products from Kyiv cable factory “EUROPAN” on the website And this means that you can buy a quality TM “EUROPAN CABLE” cable easily, affordably and quickly.

The official distributor of Kyiv cable plant "EUROPAN" on the marketplace is "PanKarat" presents the following product positions of TM “EUROPAN CABLE”:

Power cables of low, medium and high voltage: (AVBbShv, AVBbShp, AVVG, AVVGz, AVVGzng, AVVGzngd, AVVG-P,, AVVGE, APvBbShv, , VVGz, PvPG, (N)НХН FE180/E30)

Power flexible cables: (KGNV, KGNVng, KGNVngd, KGNV-M, KGNV-Mng, KGNV-Mngd KGTP, KGTPng)

Control cables: (AKVBbShv, AKVVG, AKVVGng, AKVVGzng, AKVVGzngd, AKVVGE, AKVVGEng KVVG, KVVGng, KVVGngd, KVVGz, KVVGzng, KVVGzngd, KGVV, KGVVng, KGVVngd)

Wires and cords: (APV, APVngd, APPV, APPVngd, VVP, VVPng, VVPngd, VPV, VPP, PV1, PV1ngd, PV3, PV3ngd, PVS, PVSng, PVSngd, PVSE, PVSEng, PVSEngd, PPV, PPVngd, SHVVP)

Wires for overhead power lines: (А, AC, M, СИП-1, СИПн-1, СИП-2, СИПн-2, СИП-4, СИПn-4, СИП-5, СИП-5ng, AsXS, AsXSn, СИП -3, SIPn-3, AAsXS, AAsXSn)

Cables and wires: (SOLAR H1Z2Z2-K, Alarm Cable JE-LiYY, Alarm Cable JE-LiYYU, Alarm Cable JE-LiY(St)Y, Alarm Cable JE-LiY(St)YU)

You can buy TM “EUROPAN CABLE” cable on the marketplace at the link:

Buy TM “EUROPAN CABLE” cable also on the website or by phone: +38 (044) 501-28-55; +38 (050) 501-28-55; +38 (097) 531-96-45 (Telegram, Viber)